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Northerly Group

About Northerly Group

Northerly was founded in 2002 by Michael Lawson in Western Australia.

They provide a full suite of services from planning and finance, right through to high quality design construction services across a wide variety of sectors:

  • commercial and retail,
  • industrial
  • civil and civic,
  • residential,
  • fitout and refurbishment

In addition to these sectors, they've developed specialist expertise in creating retirement living and aged care spaces that offer high functionality and liveability.

We spoke with Bill Roche, who is the architect of Northerly’s five ticks: an accreditation against five sets of international standards for safety, quality and environmental management.

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Why they changed

Northerly Group's commitment to quality and safety is demonstrated in their work and company culture. Their ISO 9001 and ISO 4801 certification is further proof of their high standards.

As a part of their continuous improvement, they sought to add efficiencies to their quality
and safety processes.

With their existing paper-based systems, site supervisors were having to spend at least 90 minutes a day performing and managing site inductions.

They were also having to spend a significant amount of time and attention on ensuring site sign in compliance.

Northerly chose SignOnSite to solve their problems and to add to their extensive safety competencies.

The outcomes

1. Attendance register compliance has become more efficient.

Rather than going to a site office and filling in paper forms, workers and subcontractors are finding it easier to sign-on using their mobile phones.

“9 out of 10 people don’t have a problem figuring it out on their first go” - Bill Roche, EHS and QA Systems Manager.

This reduction in friction has naturally resulted in increased compliance with processes.

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2. Supervisors are saving at least 90 minutes per day on site inductions.

The SignOnSite induction system is allowing supervisors to efficiently deliver and receive information from people coming onto site.

They are able to directly convey rich information such as maps, photos and diagrams; and also receive accurate information about new site attendees in a digital format. Combined with the digital induction approval process, people are kept informed and compliant.

One of the ways this is demonstrated is in the level of emergency preparedness on site - when asked, workers and subcontractors can quickly recall key locations and procedures.

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3. Streamlined compliance and quality assurance with traceable data and reporting.

Northerly Group is able to capture more accurate data with the SignOnSite system.

Since data is collected in real-time, and key events (such as inductions) require approval, the data has fewer human errors.

The range of data captured also provides traceability of events.

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