Construction site attendance system

Easy and effective digital site attendance.

Easy for the people on site. Effective for compliance and management.

Simple to sign-on.

Contactless and paperless. Digital and accurate.

Site workers, subbies and visitors sign-on/sign-off sites using a mobile app or on-site kiosk, instead of having to be funnelled through a site office to fill in a paper register.


Safety, front and centre.

Clear instructions on inductions and briefings.

Straight after sign-on, site attendees will be prompted to do their inductions, and to read and acknowledge the daily briefing.


Easier to work on multiple sites.

Worker Passport: one app, less data entry.

Working in construction means working on many different sites, which used to mean having to fill out the same information over and over again.

Our Worker Passport gives construction workers and subcontractors the ability to quickly get on the tools when they come to a new site.

By creating a passport, users can do their inductions much faster, with:

  • Personal details being pre-filled in forms
  • Tickets and credentials being stored in the passport
  • Getting notifications when credentials are about to expire
  • The ability to share the passport with builders who don't use SignOnSite
Worker Passport 1

Emergency evacuations.

Prepared for emergencies.

In the event of an emergency evacuation, the mobile phones on site will become a siren, announcing an evacuation is taking place.

The app will also be used to count-off the roll at the muster point.

When the evacuation is completed, a summary report is provided. 

Site Managers can quickly enable first responders by providing emergency contact and health information through the secure Site Manager platform.

Most SignOnSite-enabled sites are evacuated within 5 minutes.

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Powerful site management and compliance.

Real-time data and communication.

Managers and safety professionals get a real-time view of site compliance. Site attendees who have outstanding safety compliance tasks can be managed before they become exposed to additional risk.

Managers also get a rich, real-time data source for what is happening on their sites:

  • Number of people and number of companies on site;
  • Man hours by company and worker type;
  • Company/sub-contractor hours;
  • Trade hours;
  • Peak hours/days;
  • Individual worker hours;
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How it works

1. Set up a site via web panel

The General Contractor sets up a site by drawing out the site boundary on the SignOnSite platform.

2. Workers sign-on via app, kiosk or supervisor

Signing on to a site for the first time will connect a worker to that site to allow future sign-ons. Workers can use the ‘Passport’ tab inside the phone app to see what sites they are currently connected to and disconnect themselves if they are no longer attending that site.

Workers can also sign-on/off via a Kiosk or report to a Site Manager/Supervisor who can use the web panel or the phone app to sign them on.

3. Real-time site visibility and management

Know which workers are on your sites, when they are there, which contractor they work for and their induction status - all in real-time, accessible from anywhere.

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