Construction site daily report system

Digital labour reports and site diary.

Get powerful man-hour and labour reporting: automatically and in real-time.

Deep, accurate, real-time data.

Collected automatically, without paper.

Get reports in a real-time dashboard, printable PDF or Excel formats that give you deep insights on what is happening on you sites. Included in the reporting:

  • total manhours
  • company and subcontractor hours
  • individual worker hours
  • number of people and companies that came on site
  • peak hours and days
  • trade hours

All this data is automatically collected as workers, subcontractors and visitors sign on and sign off sites.

It doesn’t matter if they use their personal smartphone, on-site kiosk, or do it in person with their supervisor – it is captured and stored in real time.

Your reporting doesn’t have to be eyeballed or manually collected from paper sign-on sheets.

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Integrated with Procore.

Labour data sent to Procore.

Click here to read about our Procore integration.


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