Construction site induction system

Digital induction management and compliance.

Easy for the people on site. Effective for compliance and management.

The SignOnSite digital induction system (on mobile and iPad kiosks) lets site workers, subcontractor and visitors quickly and easily get through the induction process.

Streamline operations with company templates and customisable, specific inductions.

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Asked right at sign-on.

Can't-miss notices.

Straight after sign-on, site attendees will be prompted to do their inductions, and to read and acknowledge the daily briefing.


Communicate in detail.

Text, Images, PDFs.

Provide rich information in multiple formats so everyone is aware of the risks on site.

iPhone X - Induction Form - Site Info-min

People & ticket management.

Manage key information, including tickets/credentials.

Securely capture and store essential safety and compliance information.

Workers can upload their white cards/tickets using the camera on their mobile phones.

Be alerted to expiring credentials before they become a compliance risk.

iPhone X - Induction Form - 6 - License A-min

Easier to work on multiple sites.

Worker Passport: one app, less data entry.

Our Worker Passport gives construction workers and subcontractors the ability to quickly get on the tools when they come to a new site.

By creating a passport, users can do their inductions much faster, with:

  • Personal details being pre-filled in forms
  • Tickets and credentials being stored in the passport
  • Getting notifications when credentials are about to expire
Worker Passport 1
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Mobile and Desktop - Induction Compliance-min

Powerful compliance management.

Real-time induction management.

Management can proactively administer their sites with a real-time view of induction compliance. The Site Manager view gives the power to:

  • See which site attendees are compliant, pending review and non-compliant.
  • Update forms and re-induct staff when necessary.
  • Ability to retrieve a person’s completed induction form in a few clicks (useful in the event of an emergency).
  • View the particulars of a person’s white cards and other licenses/competencies.
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