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Contact tracing in construction: working with a highly transient workforce

The construction industry has a unique challenge when it comes to COVID-19 management and contact-tracing requirements: having to manage a highly transient workforce. Construction workers often work across multiple sites and under the management of multiple General Contractors - where someone works on a Monday is often completely different to where they will be on a Wednesday. This means that the vast majority of current contract-tracing solutions don't actually work in construction.

The challenge is mapped out below. In a typical industry (left side of the image), businesses (blue dots) will have staff (green dots) operate in various locations (clusters of dots). They generally stay in a location with occasional movement between sites. But the construction industry (the right side of the image) is hyperconnected and highly transient. People go everywhere.

transient construction-min

If you're a contractor with hundreds of people working across multiple sites, how do manage contact tracing? Most digital site attendance systems stick to a site-specific view, so you'll have to quite a bit of detective work tracing the person in question, and then a whole lot more work finding out who else may have been exposed across all of your sites. This will likely result in a lot of down time.

So we built a solution for our customers, alongside them. They told us:

  • "Let me to see all of the users who have been on any of my sites in one place."
  • "Let me see all of the sites that a user has been to."
  • "Let me see all people who were on site at the same time as a user (contact trace)."

On Friday 30th October 2020, we formally released a contract tracing solution made just for the construction industry. The People Register allows contractors to view the details of everyone that has signed on to a site. This presents a quick and easy way to trace potential contact with COVID-19.

If you're an existing SignOnSite customer, you can learn how to use this feature by clicking here.

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Contactless site processes, quick communications and contact tracing for everyone on site.

Mobile and worker-first, from the beginning.

SignOnSite helps your site become safer, be more productive and run more efficiently with:

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Contactless site attendance register.

SignOnSite does site attendance without contact or shared surfaces. Replace pens, paper, kiosk and fingerprint systems with a mobile phones.


Physically-distanced site access points.

Do away with turnstiles, gates and other site access systems without losing data and attendance information. SignOnSite captures highly accurate entry and exit information.

Civil engineer and safety officer inspection construction worker teamwork election steel truss in construction site

Communications and declarations.

SignOnSite sends communications directly to peoples' mobile phones on site entry. Remind your site attendees of your physical distancing and health & safety procedures directly on entry. Receive acknowledgements and declarations back, directly from your attendees.

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Contactless inductions and ticket/credential management.

Perform inductions without handling papers and photocopiers. Tickets, licenses and competencies uploaded directly through workers' mobile phone cameras.

Construction Site Australia J

Remote monitoring and compliance management.

SignOnSite's real-time site visibility gives managers the power ensure health & safety compliance of everyone on site.

Australian construction site with workers B

Contact tracing.

SignOnSite's real-time site visibility gives managers the power ensure health & safety compliance of everyone on site.

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