Running your sites with SignOnSite

Run your sites with real-time information, compliance and control.

Better data, communication and safety.

SignOnSite helps your site become safer, be more productive and run more efficiently with:

Digital personnel and process management.

Bring your systems and people together.

The people on your sites save time and effort by having multiple systems come together, including:

  • Site attendance management
  • Induction management
  • Communication management
  • Ticket and credential management

SignOnSite cuts the administrative and time burden of these systems by putting them together and drastically minimising data entry.


Real-time site visibility.

Advanced data using existing technology.

Because site attendees are using a digital site attendance register, the secure Site Management platform and app are kept up-to-date with:

  • the number of people on site
  • the companies they work for, including subcontractors

The number of staff by company on-site right now is always in view on the Site Overview dashboard.

How it works
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Mobile and Desktop - Induction Compliance-min

Safety and compliance management.

Actively enable safety engagement. Catch risks early.

Run efficient, digitally-powered safety processes:

  • Attendance
  • Inductions, including license/ticket/credential management
  • Daily briefings
  • Emergency evacuations

See how it works for the people on site by clicking here.

Get an instant, real-time view of every site attendee's safety status:

  • If they've been correctly inducted
  • If they've got correct, up-to-date licenses and tickets
  • If they've read and acknowledged the daily briefing
  • In the event of an emergency evacuation, if they've been accounted for at the muster point
How it works
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Reporting Sample - web 750px

Reports, insights and site diary.

Data from the ground-up.

Get reports in a real-time dashboard, printable PDF or Excel formats that give you deep insights on what is happening on your sites.

This is comprehensive, accurate data collected from the digital site attendance register - not manually transcribed or eyeballed data.

Included in the reporting:

  • total man-hours
  • company and subcontractor hours
  • individual worker hours
  • number of people and companies that came on site
  • peak hours and days
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Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 2.50.49 pm

Procore integrated.

Company man-hours sent directly to the Procore Site Diary/Daily Log.

Attendance hours are synced with Procore-enabled sites.

It doesn’t matter if workers use their personal smartphone, on-site kiosk, or do it in person with their supervisor – their hours are captured and stored in real time.

Your reporting doesn’t have to be eyeballed or manually collected from paper sign-on sheets.

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