Working on a SignOnSite site

Getting to work quickly, easily and safely.

Better information, communication and quality.

SignOnSite helps the people about to enter a construction site be informed, prepared and safe. This is done through digitally supported:

Worker Passport 1

Easier to work on multiple sites.

Worker Passport: one app, less data entry.

Working in construction means working on many different sites, which used to mean having to fill out the same information over and over again.

Our Worker Passport gives construction workers and subcontractors the ability to quickly get on the tools when they come to a new site.

By creating a passport, users can do their inductions much faster, with:

  • Personal details being pre-filled in forms
  • Tickets and credentials being stored in the passport
  • Getting notifications when credentials are about to expire
  • The ability to share the passport with builders who don't use SignOnSite

Site attendance.

Contactless and paperless.

The people coming on to site use the free SignOnSite app or on-site kiosk to sign on to the Site Attendance Register.

The SignOnSite system leverages the technology already on site.

It uses very little data and battery power. Typical daily data use is less than one megabyte (0.1% of a gigabyte) and battery use is typically 1% to 3%. 

iPhone X - Induction Form - Site Info-min

Site inductions.

Essential information, done digitally.

Get key safety information sent right to you, including site contacts, site maps and notices.

Easily complete your induction forms with pre-filled personal information, and even supply pre-saved ticket/credentials through the Worker Passports feature.


Site communications.

Two-way daily briefings.

Be notified of new safety risks and controls as soon as you arrive on site. 

Send back an acknowledgement with a tap of a button.


Emergency evacuations.

Prepared for emergencies.

In the event of an emergency, your phone will alert you to an evacuation.

You'll be counted at the muster point via the app.

In the event of an incident, Site Managers can quickly enable first responders by providing emergency contact and health information in minutes through the secure Site Manager platform.


Only what is needed.

Data and privacy.

The app uses data that is important to working safety in construction, and shares that with the people who have a responsibility to keep people safe.

A range of technologies, including location information, is used to determine if the user is physically on a site or not. This is critical in emergency scenarios.

You can read more about privacy at SignOnSite by clicking here.

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