The personnel safety app used by everyone on site on over 7,000 construction projects.

That's 300,000 construction workers actively engaged in safety.

Site attendance, inductions, evacuations and communications.

Made-for-industry contact tracing and COVID-19 management: working with large workforces, multiple sites and subcontractors.

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Construction site attendance system
Site attendance
Paperless, contactless site attendance via mobile app, kiosk or site supervisor.
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Site induction system
Comprehensive digital site inductions with license, ticket and competency management.
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Construction site communications
Detailed briefings delivered to everyone at sign-on, with in-app acknowledgement and declarations.
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Site emergency evacuation system
Mobile phones turn into evacuation alarms and a headcount system for mustering.
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Digitised personnel and process management
Sites run faster and smoother with digital management.
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Real time construction site visibility system
Real-time site visibility
See the activity on your sites in real-time, down to the subcontractor and worker level.
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Construction site safety compliance management system
Safety and compliance management
Manage compliance in real-time for attendance, inductions, communications and licenses/tickets.
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Construction site reporting system
Reporting, insights and site diary
Get deep data on worker hours, subcontractor hours and safety compliance.
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Construction site safety system integrated with Procore
Procore integrated
The SignOnSite Procore integration automatically sends highly accurate labour hour information from everyone on site into Procore's reporting system.
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Our site workers can sign in and out automatically from a project site using their own mobile device or manually via a kiosk device in the site office providing a real-time list of personnel on our project sites. The paperless and contactless inductions have been priceless during the different COVID-19 alert levels, making it much easier to adhere to the restrictions and manage the safety and wellbeing of workers on our sites. The ‘Passport’ feature also allows individuals to manage their personal details, emergency contacts and credentials. We were excited just to be moving away from our old paper-based sign-in and out system! We weren’t anticipating how useful the other features would be and we are pleased that SignOnSite continues to develop the system so Form can continue to benefit in the future.

Form Building & Developments

As the WHS Manager in a busy building company, Sign on Site has always been a valuable tool for Mosaic Construction. I rely upon SignOnSite to keep contractors and workers informed with up to date information regarding high risk and daily site activities on site. More so in today’s environment with the uncertainty of COVID-19, I have the ability to instantly transfer important information from the Government health sector or Mosaic management to our teams on site.

Rod Lang
Workplace Health & Safety Manager, Mosaic Property Group

SignOnSite gives Sense Projects the ability to ensure our workers on site are well informed and up to date with what's happening on site. We were quick to move and use the systems briefing feature to get acknowledgement from workers on site if they were unwell so we can take the necessary precautions to keep our sites open.

Brett Eichhorn
Director, Sense Projects
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Commercial construction

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Institutional construction

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Proven in the field.

The SignOnSite system has been used by almost 300,000 people on over 7,000 sites. 

Our solution is in use on Commercial, Utilities, Institutional/Government, Industrial and Civil construction projects.

Proven adoption and support.

We've successfully deployed our solution to over 7,000 sites in United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

We partner with all of our customers to deploy a proven adoption plan that gets systems and sites up and running without interruption.

You'll have access to dedicated Customer Success and Support staff to help you keep your safety systems running smoothly. 

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