For those with a smartphone, signing on and off just became a whole lot easier. The SignOnSite app, available on iOS and Android, lets the entire construction site sign on and off every day, without having to fill out the attendance book.

Everyone signed on and accounted for, automatically.

SignOnSite allows you to create a geo-fence around your construction site so that those using the SignOnSite app will automatically sign on and off when they leave site. It’s real-time access to who’s on site and when.

The SignOnSite app has been built to remove any hassle that may come from having to sign the paper logbook on site every day. A worker might be based on the other side of site to the Site Office, which adds unnecessary time to his already busy schedule.

After a worker walks on site, they’ll be notified from their smartphone saying that they’ve signed on, with a prompt to read the Daily Briefing. All site communication can be made to the individual and they are accounted for in case of emergency.

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  • Automatically sign on and off site.
  • Simple design and easy to use.
  • The app is free to download and available on both iOS and Android devices.
  • Thoroughly tested so it’s easy on the battery and mobile data.


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Having the data on hand is a gift. It allows us to stay compliant and provides us with what we need to run our sites successfully.

Josh Hogan Project Manager, Manteena

I have a level of control over what’s important on site. Everyone being accounted for, especially if something does go wrong, it’s invaluable.

Seb Holt Systems Site Support, Huon Contractors

Just give it a crack. Try it out. The SignOnSite system is excellent, and it is great to see that the product is constantly evolving.

Bailey Love Safety Manager, Swan Group